Are Your Carpets in Enfield Looking Worn and Grubby?

As a part of the home that is used vigorously, day in day out, your carpet needs more care and attention than you could ever imagine.

Before you consider expensive carpet replacements, get in touch with G-Force Cleaning Services Ltd in Enfield, your leading local carpet cleaning specialists.


  • Extend Carpet Life

  • Remove Trapped Dirt from Fibres

  • Odour Treatments

  • Eliminate Allergens

  • Refresh Your Carpets

Remove Carpet Odours and Stains

With G-Force Cleaning Services Ltd you are able to remove dust, mites, allergens, bacteria and general dirt from your carpets, regardless of what material or age your carpet is.

Do You Have Pets at Home in Enfield?

Carpet cleaning is especially effective in homes where pets rule the roost. If your pets are living, eating, walking and playing in your home there can be more mites, dirt and grime than you could ever imagine and simple home hire machinery are not cut out to deal with this level of cleaning.

Carpet cleaning is not a regular service and can be arranged on a one-off, monthly, quarterly or yearly schedule to in keep with your lifestyle.

We now provide carpet cleaning at only £25 per room and include discounts on multiple rooms or group bookings. All carpet cleaning procedures receive a free stain removal treatment and deodorise service.

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As well as general cleaning, carpet cleaning removes allergens, avoids costly replacements and creates a healthier home for your family to enjoy. Remove stains, odours and dirt with G-Force Cleaning Services Ltd and call us today on 0208 292 3745 to find out more.

Tailored Carpet Cleaning

No two carpets are the same and no two cleaning methods follow the same path.


With personalised cleaning techniques, specialist equipment and harm-free solutions, we can work with fine luxury materials and tough carpets in all homes.

Using a hot water extraction system and extending the lifespan of your carpets, G-Force Cleaning Services Ltd in Enfield use advanced steam Pro Clean anti-bacterial chemicals to get the hygienic quality your home needs.

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Take Care of Your Carpets

Your carpets are a major investment throughout your whole home and need specialised care and attention to be kept in a suitable condition.

Many homeowners avoid preventative techniques and go straight for replacement services, which are not only costly but also disruptive and time consuming.

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Remove odours, stains and dirt build up with effective carpet cleaning.

For clear windows that are smudge free, call G-Force Cleaning Services Ltd.

From fine delicate materials to rigorous upholstery, get the cleaning services you need right here.

Covering window cleaning, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, G-Force Cleaning Services Ltd.

Keep your schedule the same with flexible cleaning hours from G-Force.

Arrange cleaning services at a time that suits you best and spend time with friends and family instead.